Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Week 9

*How do I cite this using Chicago Manual of Style?
*Where can I copy this?
*The printer needs more paper.
*Can I check this journal out?
*Where are your journals?
*Where should I return these books?
*Where are the magazines/journals (rinse, repeat)? Where can I find this book? (repeat)
*Can I get a copy of the article "Fuzzy Balls"?
*I need a calculus textbook that talks about using integrals in biology.
*Is this book that I asked for at the beginning of the year available yet?
*Where can I find articles on sludge or filtration treatment of water?
*I'm looking for an article in an IEEE publication, how do I get to the digital library?
*What are the health effects of Polyvinyl Choride used in buildings?
*I need articles on envelope proteins, CD4+, HIV and its link to AIDS.

1 comment:

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