Friday, October 13, 2006

Fall Quarter - week 3

* Where can I find peer reviewed journal articles on mallard ducks?

* Where can I find articles about the life cycle of pens and pencils?

* I need articles on how herbal dietary supplements effect women's cardiovascular health.

* Is there a book here that I can check out which covers all of high school chemistry?

* What associations are for Chinese-Americans in the Sciences and Engineering?

* How do I find journal articles on...? [The questions are all different, but they are all looking for the same thing, how to find an article on their topic,and once they have an article, how do they get their hands on it]

* Can I download lots of articles and then burn them on a DVD? And, I'm not affilitated with the UO.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Fall Quarter - weeks 1-2

We are back with loads of interesting questions. We also have a new article searching function and a brand new web page.

*I'm looking for a source that allows me to look for chemicals for sale arranged by structure.

*Where is your physics section? [Patron was actually looking for a specific book, which we figured out after some initial unhelpful searching...]

*How do I use databases off campus? Can I set up my library PIN from off campus? [We think so]

*Why can't I download a Science Direct/Elsevier article on my computer? [Turns out that Safari, on a mac doesn't really work with SD. Thanks again IT for letting me have a mac so that I knew about this bug!]

*How do I find articles on ambystoma macrodactylum (long toed amphibians)?

*How do I convert 50 hertz to 600 hertz using solar energy?