Friday, October 06, 2006

Fall Quarter - weeks 1-2

We are back with loads of interesting questions. We also have a new article searching function and a brand new web page.

*I'm looking for a source that allows me to look for chemicals for sale arranged by structure.

*Where is your physics section? [Patron was actually looking for a specific book, which we figured out after some initial unhelpful searching...]

*How do I use databases off campus? Can I set up my library PIN from off campus? [We think so]

*Why can't I download a Science Direct/Elsevier article on my computer? [Turns out that Safari, on a mac doesn't really work with SD. Thanks again IT for letting me have a mac so that I knew about this bug!]

*How do I find articles on ambystoma macrodactylum (long toed amphibians)?

*How do I convert 50 hertz to 600 hertz using solar energy?

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