Friday, October 19, 2007

Fall 2007 - part II

*Where do I find peer reviewed articles on GMO (genetically engineered, transgenic, etc.) things?
* Where do I find articles on the genetic basis for sexuality?
* Where are the photocopiers?
* Articles on the use of omega 3 fatty acids and female athletes.
* How do I make a graph using Excel 2007?
* Where is this Russian journal from the 1950s? Where are the ones from the late 1940s?
* Can we check out an Xbox 360 and Guitar Hero?
* I need information on transforming energy into different kinds of energy. Where can I get that?
* Do you have photos of the bicep and tricep from the side?
[There were lots of them, but I forgot to write them down and now they are gone forever]

FIGs - some thoughts

Either they should have a research project AND a topic in mind, or don't bother with the library assignment.

What worked:
* Environmental footprint and finding tips to reduce their footprint (also had 1/2 class answer as if living in dorms, and 1/2 living at home. Nice way to show the difference!)
* Death in the Science Library: Crime Scene Investigation
* Having students find web sites with contradictory opinions and post to bulletin board - Although, I should have done more to talk about how they did this and what they found out.

Needed more work:
If you have students looking up topics on different sites (I used Mayoclinic, medline plus?, cdc, webMD), make sure it is somewhat controversial. (We did ACL injuries, try ulcers or cold/canker sores)
Have students look into bottle bill, plastic bags ahead of time

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Colbert on Wikipedia and Oregon

found quickly and easily on wikipedia, of course:

Stephen Colbert (2006-07-31). Video: The Colbert Report, Wikiality (English). Comedy Central. Retrieved on 2007-05-25.