Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Week 9

*How do I cite this using Chicago Manual of Style?
*Where can I copy this?
*The printer needs more paper.
*Can I check this journal out?
*Where are your journals?
*Where should I return these books?
*Where are the magazines/journals (rinse, repeat)? Where can I find this book? (repeat)
*Can I get a copy of the article "Fuzzy Balls"?
*I need a calculus textbook that talks about using integrals in biology.
*Is this book that I asked for at the beginning of the year available yet?
*Where can I find articles on sludge or filtration treatment of water?
*I'm looking for an article in an IEEE publication, how do I get to the digital library?
*What are the health effects of Polyvinyl Choride used in buildings?
*I need articles on envelope proteins, CD4+, HIV and its link to AIDS.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Week 8

*What are the top 3 pesticides used on apples?
*Are disposable or cloth diapers better?
*Where can I find books on biomechanics?
*[electronic] Information on Grace Hopper?
*[electronic] Why do Mexicans immigrate?
*[electronic] How do I make a persuasive speech?
*[electronic] How do I make a lasso?
*Where can I find articles on Lake Vostok?
*Where can I get a journal article on teaching elementary school students about astronauts?
*How many organic and conventional fertilizers are used? What kinds?
*Do we have books on purple non sulfur bacteria and how they impact the environment?
*Did Steven Speilberg direct a 1971 Columbo show?
*Is the library open on Memorial Day?
*Do you have a printer that *doesn't* print double sided?

Monday, May 15, 2006

Week 7

* I need an address for Martin Fairchild. (Turns out it was Lockheed Martin corporate address).
* Patron needs an article from 1952 Metallurical journal that we don't have. Tried to get an article title without luck, filled out the ILL form anyway.
* Questions about citing web pages versus electronic sources.
* Lots of folks looking for computers which use MS Word.
* A color reproduction of the cover or spine of a physics textbook published in 1987.
* I can't get SciFinder Scholar to install on my new Mac running OS X.
* How do I find a journal article from _Science_ from 1966?
* How do I open an ILL article from my email? (This one came as an attachment, not a link to the Ariel web site....interesting)
* Where can I find articles on brown garden snails?
* Is this a peer-reviewed article?
* Where can I find information on the life cycle inventory of organic farming v. conventional farming?
* I need books on koala bears.
* Where can I find articles on predators and the size of birds?
* Who was the New Zealand born chemist who discovered quanta theory?
* How many books and journals do you have a the Science Library?
* How come we can put a woman in space, but we can't make it easy for patrons to set up a Science Direct login?
* Where can I find articles on cichlid fish in Lake Victoria?

Monday, May 08, 2006

Weeks 5-6

*Lots of questions about finding journal articles and showing students the magic of indexes and databases.
*How do I find articles that aren't too technical about hydrotherapy and it's use on acute (not chronic) pain?
*Where can I find Journals or books on heat transfer and heat transmission in this library?
*Can I scan a photo from this old journal article?
*Is the new book on dioramas already checked out?
*Is there a computer in here that has MS word (repeat several times)?

I'm still trying to get folks to use Scholar's Bank. Seems like I can only make the sale if Carol Hixson does the pitch.

Also it turns out that the students in running around in red shirts with Porn Nation on them were from a Pro-Christian organization. Interesting marketing.