Monday, May 22, 2006

Week 8

*What are the top 3 pesticides used on apples?
*Are disposable or cloth diapers better?
*Where can I find books on biomechanics?
*[electronic] Information on Grace Hopper?
*[electronic] Why do Mexicans immigrate?
*[electronic] How do I make a persuasive speech?
*[electronic] How do I make a lasso?
*Where can I find articles on Lake Vostok?
*Where can I get a journal article on teaching elementary school students about astronauts?
*How many organic and conventional fertilizers are used? What kinds?
*Do we have books on purple non sulfur bacteria and how they impact the environment?
*Did Steven Speilberg direct a 1971 Columbo show?
*Is the library open on Memorial Day?
*Do you have a printer that *doesn't* print double sided?

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