Monday, May 15, 2006

Week 7

* I need an address for Martin Fairchild. (Turns out it was Lockheed Martin corporate address).
* Patron needs an article from 1952 Metallurical journal that we don't have. Tried to get an article title without luck, filled out the ILL form anyway.
* Questions about citing web pages versus electronic sources.
* Lots of folks looking for computers which use MS Word.
* A color reproduction of the cover or spine of a physics textbook published in 1987.
* I can't get SciFinder Scholar to install on my new Mac running OS X.
* How do I find a journal article from _Science_ from 1966?
* How do I open an ILL article from my email? (This one came as an attachment, not a link to the Ariel web site....interesting)
* Where can I find articles on brown garden snails?
* Is this a peer-reviewed article?
* Where can I find information on the life cycle inventory of organic farming v. conventional farming?
* I need books on koala bears.
* Where can I find articles on predators and the size of birds?
* Who was the New Zealand born chemist who discovered quanta theory?
* How many books and journals do you have a the Science Library?
* How come we can put a woman in space, but we can't make it easy for patrons to set up a Science Direct login?
* Where can I find articles on cichlid fish in Lake Victoria?

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