Thursday, September 27, 2007

Fall 2007

* That person is snoring so loudly that it's disturbing us. Anything we can do about it?
* Are there any quiet places to study here? [unrelated to the above]
* Why do you have video games here?
* How do I reserve the Playstation 3?
* Where is Halo 3?
* Do you have information about water use and golf courses, especially the ones in the Southwest?
* Can I get headphones to use on a PC?
* Where is this online article?
* Where is the journal Chemical Communications? (It seems to be in 2 places, under CC and Journal of the Chemical Society, Chemical Communications)
* You have vol. X issues 1 and 4 and I need issue 3. Where might it be?
* What images do you have for medical things?
* Where are these journals? [All with multiple names and put in places where they shouldn't]
* I'm looking for a small obscure pocket gopher. [Google books was really good at helping us find references when all else failed]
* I'm looking for something on taxonomy that Linneaus wrote.
* What is the chemistry behind seasoning a cast iron pan?
* I need a photon cross section for silicon.
* I need articles on the biology/genetics of transgendered folks. [Turns out MeSH still uses transsexual for this one. We'll hope they catch up soon.]
* Where do I find articles on the genetic basis for sexuality?

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