Monday, August 13, 2007

Summer 2007

I've had loads of questions, none of which I've been keeping track of. But, to the best of my ability:

*Where is this article? (repeat)
*I need the statistical tables for the G theory. [Right there in reference. Frustratingly, the text on this theoreom is circulating, but the tables (published separately) are in reference. AND, the authors magnanimously switched order, so that each of them is the 1st author on one of the publications. Still, not user friendly. grrr)
*Why doesn't my computer work?
*Where can I copy/print/scan?
*Where is this book? Where is my ILL article?
*I need thermodynamic properties and a phase diagram for CO2 and SO2.
*What are the standards for approving a drug in a country with nationalized medicine?

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