Thursday, January 17, 2008

Winter term 2008

*How do I cite a figure in CBE?
*How do I find a full text article on Young's modulus for ligaments?
*Do you have any change? [Uh. I actually asked him to leave.]
*How do I print single sided?
* How do I download an article on my thumb drive?
* (via meebo) How do I get the article about Ushers syndrome?
* I need to know about genetic mutation and fru+ and fru-. Can you help me? (Sadly the answer was a resounding, no!)
* I want to find books on identifying medicinal plants in the area.
* Do you want these books on saltwater fish?
*Do you have books on how to build a grandfather clock?
* I need books on how to research soliton. I had a list, but don't have it with me.
*My 2nd graders need pretty pictures of camels, hippos, and walruses? Also information on their life span.
*I need articles on the genetic basis of homosexuality.
*Where are books on nurse sharks?
*Where is your 1973 copy of the Annual report of the Carnegie Institution of Washington?
*Where can I find resources on sea otters?
*I need to find out if this ligand of cobalt (II) was published in the Journal of Chemical Education. (SciFinder Scholar DOESN'T let you limit by journal title. Isn't that stupid? Did I already learn this, but forgot? Also SFS insists that you write a chemical in a very specific way. JCE lets you search, but not by chemical formula. Isn't that also dumb. A plain text search was also useless. WoS was the best resource, as it searched the text and let us specify by journal name. BUT, it wouldn't have found the chemical structure. VM helped me on this. Thank goodness she was here!)
*Where are these call numbers?
*I need a book on the Amazon Rainforest and biodiversity.
*I'm lost! Where is this lab?

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