Monday, March 12, 2007

UCLA trip - part II

Wednesday classes include the following. I've tried writing to all of these professors. Cold calling/emailing is sort of humbling:

IS 422-College, University & Research Libraries--9-12:30
Prof. Lynch

IS 400-Portfolio--1:30-5:00
Cindy Mediavilla
[Not everyone will be there, as it isn't required, so it will be a small class. But, Cindy has graciously agreed to let me do my pitch in class. Thanks Cindy!]

IS 473-Information Technology and Libraries--1:30-5:00
Dr. Borgman

IS 279-Seminar: Information Systems (Info Architecture course this time) 5:30-9:00
Lynn Boyden & Chris Chandler

Thursday classes are here. I'm not sure the PhD students care:
IS 431-American Archives & Manuscripts 9-12:30
IS 294-PhD Seminar, Information Policy 9-12:30
IS 290-PhD seminar 1:30-5:00

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